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I’m writing an article about my school in my country Pakistan and here in Italy.
What is difference between my previous school and this school?
There is no difference, my school in Pakistan is as same as in Italy. The loving teachers
friendly classmates and caring friends, every thing of the school is same. Honestly, before
coming in this school, I really can’t speak Italian but with help of every person in the school
I learned Italian very quickly . Things like trips, sports, library and one of the most important
thing, environment of school everything that I used to have in Pakistan are here, as well so
according to me : this school is perfect. The main point for me is that I adjust easily is this
thing that everything is same and perfect. Actually I’m so lucky that I got these things in
Pakistan as well because these kind of schools in my Country are found very difficultly
because everyone wants to go in social schools but the main problem is that they take to
much money so, some people can’t afford which is called as “FEES” but over here in Italy
study is “Free” . This thing is very great studies should be like this so every person who
wants their children to study in great school they can’t admit them because of money,
maybe if the study in Pakistan was free every child there can speak English like us but with
concern it isn’t like this . This is one great difference . Next thing is where I used to live in
Pakistan actually my house was in a village , the schools there weren’t good or you can say
the environment was really not good, so I used to go to the city named “Islamabad” which is
the capital, where the schools are perfect but it was 2 hours drive. The timings of the
school was same at 8:00am, we get up at 5:00am and leave house at 6:00am. Me, my sister
and my cousins really really get tired but the main thing for us was our FUTURE so we
exclaimed this thing and moved on; this is the reason we can speak English and we know
other subjects as well, so over here we found a same school and which is near to our house
on 5 to 10 minutes walk.
Here in Italy the school is for everyone but in Pakistan just for “some people”...

Shehwar Hassan, II M